From SBS Ipaja Head Teacher’s Desk

Mrs Olufunmilayo Awe

Welcome to St. Bernadette School, Ipaja. An environment with an inviting ambience which ingrains robust academic, moral and social foundation. Our school prides herself on provision of high quality learning in a safe and secured environment for children.

At SBS Ipaja, we focus on producing intellectually enriched and cheerful pupils capable of contributing positively to the society. Our goal is to unlock the treasure that lies within the pupils. We train the child totally to be distinct and confident to face the future.

Ours is an academic enclave that flourishes on providing education through passionate, committed and experienced professionals who engage the pupils enthusiastically. Learning at SBS is dynamic and engaging. The pupils are proud of their school.

Educational core values such as Critical thinking, Inquisitiveness, Problem solving, Physical development, courage, independence, collaboration, diversity and inclusion have been carefully incorporated into our curriculum and co-curricular activities. These give our children an edge in a competitive and dynamic society.

Our learning environment is enhanced with a wide range of learning facilities and programmes for all scholars which has been adequately equipped to foster functional education.

We very much value parental interest, co-operation, involvement and support. There is a clear ethos that everyone is included in all that the school has to offer.

Our website can only provide you with an introductory insight into our amazing environment. A visit will convince you that our high quality teaching, safe and secured environment, as well as the excellent facilities would promote your child(ren) unequivocal success in future.

We earnestly look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Thank You.

Olufunmilayo Awe
(Interim Head of School)