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Welcome to St. Bernadette Educational Services

We welcome all our Parents,  Friends, Students and Well-wishers to a new academic session. It is our prayer that the good lord will continually shower his love, protection and blessing upon us.

At SBES, we nurture the growth of our students as we make them believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard-work.

We believe passionately in co-education where boys and girls, young men and women come together to learn in a respectful and conducive environment. We believe that together everyone achieves more.

The learning experience in our school is diversified as we encourage our students to explore, create and innovate.We promote inquisitiveness among our students through our rigorous extra-curricular activities which enables them air their views.

We develop our students athletic values as this plays a vital role in teaching the children to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, make sacrifices, strives for excellence, persevere through adversity and compete with honesty,dignity and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork and service to the community.


Upcoming Events

May 29
Talent Hunt (DPA)
DPA School Premises
May 28
Mid Term Test (SBS)
SBS Schools' Premises
May 27
Children’s Day
All School Premises
May 23
SBS Ipaja
May 15
Inter-Class Debate Competition
DPA School Premises
May 14

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