Founder’s Message

Clementina Doregos - FounderI welcome you all. St. Bernadette Educational Services is part of my vision to provide educational opportunities that are second to none in Nigeria and beyond. It is my conviction that any child, who is opportune to enjoy the benefits the school offer, will become a total child and be an example to all what is possible through honesty, service and honor. The organization recognizes the value of each child as individual, and the importance of nurturing every aspect of his/her personality, intellectual creativity, emotions, physical and spiritual capabilities. All individuals are of equal worth, therefore tolerance, respect for others and readiness to support and care for each other within the communities and the world at large are essential.

It is said that the most difficult thing to maintain is success. It takes double the effort that one put in to achieve success in order to maintain it. In our own case, success is synonymous with academic excellence. This is in term of curriculum, amenities and man power put in place to mould a total child towards the building of the 21st century Nigeria and the globe as a whole.

Founder with SBS StudentsThis is why our theme for this season is ATITTUDE. Having the right attitude towards every endeavour in life is very crucial, not only achieving success but also in maintaining it. Inculcating the right attitude in both staff and pupils is of utmost importance to us. As a result, new ideas have been introduced into our curriculum to enable our children fare well in the society with a combination of academic excellence and a high moral standard with attitude as the bedrock.

Hence, developing the right attitude at work, home and other social sphere of human existence is very important and this is our focus this season.

We implore our parents to move in on this theme with us as it takes two to tango as far as these kids are concerned. Together let us soar like the eagle, maintaining our altitude via attitude…God bless!

Mrs. Clementina Abeke Doregos