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Doregos Private Academy November 20, 2019
Business Day
Doregos Private Academy November 11, 2019
Mathematics Day
Doregos Private Academy November 6, 2019
Vocational Day
St Bernadette School, Ipaja October 25, 2019
Open Day

It is our usual practice to organise open day. Parents are encouraged to visit the school to see the teachers of their ward(s), to express their concerns as regards the…

St. Bernadette School, Akoka October 25, 2019
Open Day/Year Six Parents Forum

This is a time for parents to liaise with the teachers of their ward(s) for better and improved performance. Parents of year six pupils would also have the opportunity to…

Doregos Private Academy October 25, 2019
Parents Meet and Greet Day/Open Day

It is customary for us to always engage our esteemed parents on salient issues that bother on the progress of their wards. This is a platform where parents express their…

St Bernadette Schools October 21, 2019
First Term Mid-Term Test

St. Bernadette School ( Akoka/Ipaja) Mid Term Test will commence on 21st October and end 23rd October , 2019. This is a formative assessment to measure pupils’ grasp of academic…

St Bernadette School, Ipaja October 18, 2019
Year Six Parents Forum

This is an annual forum for only parents of year six pupils, to discuss about the progress of their ward(s), procedures, dates and processes of secondary school entrance examinations.

Doregos Private Academy October 15, 2019
Unified Test

Doregos Private Academy Unified Test will commence on 15th October and end on 18th October, 2019.  This will enable the school to measure the learning progress of students. Parents are…

St Bernadette School, Doregos Private Academy October 11, 2019
World Girl Child Day

World Girl Child Day / International Girl Child Day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girl’s face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human…