St. Bernadette Schools Ipaja
From SBS Ipaja Head Teacher’s Desk

From SBS Ipaja Head Teacher’s Desk

On behalf of everyone here at St Bernadette School, Ipaja, I am delighted that you are considering your child(ren) to be part of our community of champions. Our school is a vibrant community of scholars inspired by and connected to the world around us. Choosing to allow your child(ren) be part of us is a wise move.

We are committed to creating a high-quality learning environment where all our pupils feel proud, confident, challenged and supported. Our academic community empowers our pupils to take an individual lead in their learning and we provide a wide range of opportunities for learning outside formal subjects, and for life-long experiences.

Ours is an academic enclave that keeps thriving on life enriching academic activities and co-curricular commitments with enthusiastic children and dedicated staff. It is also a learning environment that nurtures the natural talents of every child with absolute care and affection.

We offer an array of programs and resources for all our scholars. Academic, arts, sports, spiritual and moral development of the children are an essential part of school life. There is a clear ethos that everyone here is included and involved in all that the school has to offer.

Our website can only provide an introduction to the breathtaking opportunities that carve out St. Bernadette School as the best. The absolutely most important piece of advice I could offer would be to come and visit us before making any convincing decision on the school in order to have a feel of the world-class structures, the conducive learning ambience and the energy so prevalent within it. Your visit will in no doubt offer you the ample opportunity to personally come in contact with some of the exceptional services that St. Bernadette School prioritizes. I am very proud of the school and the brilliance-personified pupils within it.

I am confident that our high-quality teaching, dedicated pupil support services and excellent facilities would afford your ward(s) a deserving success and also transform their future. I look forward to welcoming you to the prestigious St. Bernadette School, where we can help your child(ren) begin their journey to academic and career success.

Thank you.

Julius Oluyege
(Head of School)