St. Bernadette School Akoka
From SBS Akoka Head Teacher’s Desk

From SBS Akoka Head Teacher’s Desk

Mr. Jonathan I. IweluI am priviledged to welcome you to this new session on behalf of the board, management and staff of this great school. This session we hope to attain our stated goals by taking our pupils to the next level. We hope to achieve a more pupils-centred learning programme that promotes academic excellence through an enriched, vigorous inter-disciplinary curriculum.

Hence our goals this session is to promote critical thinking among our pupils, help them become active problem solvers, inquisitive readers and interpreters of word problems. This year you can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging academic programme that will push you to work beyond your limit. We also intend to expose the pupils to the outside world through other extra-curricular programmes which will see learning taking place outside the class environment. We look forward to working with all of you and pushing you beyond your capabilities. Once more I welcome you to this new session 2017/2018; where success is guaranteed, it’s not an option but an expectation.

Head of School
Mr. Jonathan I. Iwelu