• SBES Nursery

    Newly Renovated SBS Nursery Building

    Adding new resource center and library

  • SBES Ipaja

    SBS Ipaja Primary Building

    St. Bernadette School Ipaja building

  • Arts and Crafts

    New SBS Resource Center

    Arts and Crafts section of the Resource Center

  • dpa2

    New DPA Chemistry Laboratory

    Newly renovated Chemistry laboratory: innovating learning experience

  • dpa1

    DPA Students in Class

    DPA students learning in an inspiring and innovating setting

  • Resource Center

    New SBS Resource Center

    Newly renovated center to enhance learning experience

Welcome to St. Bernadette Educational Services

Over the years we have achieved academic excellence, seen growth and established a name that is synonymous with success. We enjoin you to continue to celebrate with us after five decades of shared excellence between our schools.

Our vision as set out three decades ago to provide education that is second to none is unphased. As we move into the future we are ever focused and committed to delivering on our goals and promises.

Our Campus