• DPA 25th Anniversary
  • SBES Nursery

    Newly Renovated SBS Nursery Building

    Adding new resource center and library

  • Akaeze Presents at WEF, Davos 2015

    Akaeze presents at 2015 World Economic Forum

    Davos, Switzerland

  • SBS 35th Anniversary
  • Arts and Crafts

    New SBS Resource Center

    Arts and Crafts section of the Resource Center

  • dpa2

    New DPA Chemistry Laboratory

    Newly renovated Chemistry laboratory: innovating learning experience

  • SBS Students Innovation

    SBS Students Learning New Innovation

    GE Lagos 2014

  • Resource Center

    New SBS Resource Center

    Newly renovated center to enhance learning experience

Welcome to St. Bernadette Educational Services

We welcome all our parents, students, Friends and Well-wishers to a fulfilling 2015. Its our prayer that the good Lord will continually shower His blessings on you.

It’s our year of celebrations as St Bernadette schools will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary and Doregos Private Academy its 25th Anniversary.

Our theme for the Year is ‘Expanding Value Creating Opportunity’. We enjoin you to celebrate with us these past years of Excellence and Success.

Our Institutions